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12 Feb Latest Updates

Investing in Indian Mutual Funds for NRIs in US and Canada: What You Need to Know

As an NRI from the US or Canada, you’ve likely built a strong financial base. But have you considered diversifying your portfolio beyond your resident country? Look no further than India, your homeland, where exciting opportunities await in the form of Indian mutual funds. Here’s why they deserve a spot in your investment strategy: 1. […]
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8 Jan Latest Updates

Rs 50 Trillion Party! Mutual Funds Boom as Investors Stay Happy

The Indian mutual fund industry saw its money pot grow to over Rs 50 trillion in December, thanks to more people investing and the rise in India’s stock market. This info comes from the Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI), which keeps tabs on mutual funds. Here’s the scoop: the total money managed by […]
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7 Jan Latest Updates

Don’t Get Burned: Why Finfluencers Can Torch Your Indian Rupees? Advisor VS Influencer

The internet beckons with promises of financial freedom, often whispered by suave figures online – the Finfluencers. These social media wizards peddle investment tips, savings hacks, and quick paths to wealth, leaving you tempted to dive headfirst. But hold your horses, folks, because blindly following Finfluencers could burn a serious hole in your pocket. Who […]

Personal Finance

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9 May Personal Finance

Don’t Get Stuck Renting Your “Dream”: Buy Smart and Build Wealth!

While taking a home loan, Ever feel like you’re pouring money into rent, but never truly owning your place? There’s a smarter way! Here’s how to buy your dream home strategically and achieve financial freedom: **Step 1: ** Calculate Rental Yield (What It Is & How to Do It): Rental yield shows the annual return […]
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1 May Personal Finance

Being Cheap is Not Being Financially Strategic: Why Cutting Corners Can Cost You More in the Long Run

Frugality is often celebrated as a financial virtue, but there’s a crucial distinction between being smart with your money and being simply cheap. While saving on unnecessary expenses is important, prioritizing the lowest price over quality can backfire spectacularly and end up costing you more in the long run. Here’s how: The solution lies in […]
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16 Feb Personal Finance

Building Your Own Stark Industries: From Dreams to Financial Freedom

Remember Tony Stark? The brilliant billionaire playboy philanthropist with an endless supply of cool tech and the freedom to chase his superhero dreams? While replicating his exact path might be tricky (arc reactors are still in the works), achieving a similar level of financial freedom and pursuing your passions is definitely possible. Buckle up, because […]


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20 Dec Stock

Market Meltdown: Did the Bull Party Just End?

Dalal Street Takes a Breather: Winners Take Stock After Record Streak Boom: After scaling fresh peaks, the Indian stock market took a sharp turn south on Wednesday. Sensex plunged over 900 points, Nifty tumbled 303 points, and all sectoral indices ended in the red. Across the Board: Every corner of the market felt the pain. […]


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7 Dec Tax

Caution: Savings Account Deposits Beyond Limit May Attract Income Tax Notice—Ensure Compliance with Investment Ceilings

Before engaging in any banking transactions, it’s crucial to ensure compliance with relevant provisions to avoid potential tax implications under Rule 114E. Let’s delve into the details. Individuals across various sectors, including salaried employees, often maintain at least one savings account to fulfill their banking requirements. Some even opt for multiple accounts for diverse reasons. […]