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12 Feb Latest Updates

Investing in Indian Mutual Funds for NRIs in US and Canada: What You Need to Know

As an NRI from the US or Canada, you’ve likely built a strong financial base. But have you considered diversifying your portfolio beyond your resident country? Look no further than India, your homeland, where exciting opportunities await in the form of Indian mutual funds. Here’s why they deserve a spot in your investment strategy: 1. […]
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8 Jan Latest Updates

Rs 50 Trillion Party! Mutual Funds Boom as Investors Stay Happy

The Indian mutual fund industry saw its money pot grow to over Rs 50 trillion in December, thanks to more people investing and the rise in India’s stock market. This info comes from the Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI), which keeps tabs on mutual funds. Here’s the scoop: the total money managed by […]
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7 Jan Latest Updates

Don’t Get Burned: Why Finfluencers Can Torch Your Indian Rupees? Advisor VS Influencer

The internet beckons with promises of financial freedom, often whispered by suave figures online – the Finfluencers. These social media wizards peddle investment tips, savings hacks, and quick paths to wealth, leaving you tempted to dive headfirst. But hold your horses, folks, because blindly following Finfluencers could burn a serious hole in your pocket. Who […]
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6 Jan Latest Updates

SEBI Updates Short Selling Framework: No Naked Sales or Day Trading for Institutions

No more selling what you don’t own: Day trading not for big players: More transparency: Keeping stocks fair: What does this mean? This aims to make the stock market fairer and more predictable for everyone. It stops manipulation and protects companies from unfair attacks. Remember: Bonus: I hope this makes things clearer!
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30 Dec Latest Updates

Indian Market 2023: A Year of Ups, Downs, and Record Highs, What we can expect from 2024

2023 has been a rollercoaster ride for the Indian stock market, a year marked by resilience, surprises, and ultimately, another year of positive returns. Let’s take a deep dive into each month’s performance, the key factors at play, and how the Indian market fared in comparison to its global counterparts. January: Setting the Stage for […]
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14 Dec Latest Updates

18 equity mutual fund schemes offer over 30% in three years

Equity Mutual Funds : Three-year performance ICICI Prudential Commodities Fund – 42.86% Quant Small Cap Fund – 40.52% Canara Robeco Small Cap Fund – 36.98% Bank of India Small Cap Fund – 36.87% Quant ESG Equity Fund – 34.96% Quant Infrastructure Fund – 34.28% Edelweiss Small Cap Fund – 34.01% Quant Tax Plan – 33.06% […]